The EMCI IP Program integrates different on-site learning activities: seminars, workshops, fieldtrips and other extracurricular activities like Creativity Corners and Creativity Saloons.

Within the prepatory activities each IP participant will have access to basic literature and other learning inputs before the IP gets started. The online learning platform is aimed at providing participants with post-course activities and other students' and scholars' work outcomes: presentations, reflections, research proposals, online communication, proposal drafts in the efective management of creativity and innovation in different domains...

Learn more about the IP schedule and other pros of taking an activ part in the EMCI summer school:

  • Learn about psychological foundations of creativity, and its effective management in different applied settings including Education, Business and Engineering.
  • Elaborate on effective leadership concepts and other managerial aspects of creativity and innovation that may be beneficial in your professional career.
  • Learn how to apply knowledge about creativity by drafting a proposal for effective management of creativity & innovation in a domain of your particular interest.
  • Become part on of an interdisciplinary and international learning community that gathers scholars and students of four different European countries.
  • Grab the chance, and become part of a Master study program about Creativity & Innovation at the University of Applied Management (UAM) in Germany.
  • For participants interested in doing research: Join our network currently pursuing research work on applied creativity!
  • Face the challenge and try to improve your skills of creative problem solving, and learn more about barriers & stimulants of your creative performance!