1. When will the EMCI summer school take place?

10th – 23rd August, 2014.

 ·      2. Where will the EMCI summer school take place?

At the Treuchtlingen campus of the University of Applied Management, Germany. Click here to find out more about the Treuchtlingen campus.

 ·      3. Who can apply for this summer school?

This Erasmus IP summer school is a training program jointly developed and delivered by the following universities: University of Applied Management (UAM), Germany; Riga Teacher Training and Education Management Academy (RPIVA), Latvia; University of Cadiz (UCA), Spain; University of Birmingham (UB), England; Jagiellonian University (JU), Poland. We only accept applicants from the above-mentioned five universities.

·       4. I am a PhD student. Can I apply?

This summer school is designed for Bachelor or Master students enrolled at one of the above-mentioned universities: UAM, Germany; RPIVA, Latvia; UCA, Spain; UB, England; JU, Poland. PhD students do not belong to our target group.

5. I have participated last year. Can I also participate this year?

Unfortunately not, because each student can be only funded once with the Erasmus IP grant for the same Erasmus IP project.

·       6. How should I apply?

Firstly , prepare the application materials including (1) one Curriculum Vitae; (2) one Letter of Motivation; (3) supporting documents such as the evidence of your English proficiency, your transcript of records, and the proof of awards, recognitions, and different commitments, etc.

Secondly, fill out the Online Application Form.

Thirdly, upload your CV, Letter of Motivation and the supporting documents to the Online Application system. Before start to prepare your application materials, please check this webpage for the details of the requirements.

7. When will I get the results of my application?

Around 10th July, you will get an Email from the Organizing Committee of the summer school, telling you if you are selected or not for this summer school. Selected students will also get an EMCI Study Agreement to fill out.

8. How much should I pay for this summer school?

If you are selected for this EMCI summer school, you will get a grant from the project, which covers 90% of your travel costs to and from the summer school and provides you a daily allowance of 20,20€. This sum will cover most of the accommodation costs for the summer school. Registration and participation fee is free for selected students. Click here for more details about the costs.

9. Is English proficiency obligatory?

Yes, because the whole summer school program will be held in English. You should feel free to communicate with instructors and students from different countries in English.    

10. Can we know each other before this project?

Yes, in the section of student community. This section will be completed in July, after we have selected the students.

11. What kind of apartment will we have?

Each selected student will stay in a well-furnished single room with own bathroom and free access to Internet. Click here to get more info about the venue of the summer school. 

12. Will we have only lectures or also other activities?

The EMCI IP Program integrates different on-site learning activities, including seminars, workshops, fieldtrips and other extracurricular activities such as Cultural Evenings and Creativity Saloons. Click here to download the EMCI program.

13. Will we have access to the presentations and other materials?

Yes, each selected student will get a password to log into the online learning platform of the summer school. On this platform, students have access to the presentations, readings, and learning materials of professors, also to the  reflections and logs of other student participants.

14. When will the lectures start? When will we have a free time?

 You can find all information about this from the summer school program

15. What will I get from this summer school?

Students who successfully complete the required assignments of the summer school will be granted an EMCI Summer School Certificate (4 ECTS credit points). Also you will get to know new friends, obtain knowledge and exprience about the management of creativity and management and will get unforgettable memories for the summer.