Luis Alberto Astorga Osorio

My name is Luis Alberto Astorga Osorio, but please call me Alberto... read more

Claudia Avanzini

FROM MONDAY TO FRIDAY I am Business administration and Law student. Financial controller ar Airbus group... read more

Marcos Ballester Matito

Hi, my name is Marcos Ballester Matito. I'm 21 years old and I live in Puerto Real, Cádiz... read more

Elias Baramilis

Hello everyone! My name is Elias Baramilis and I just graduated from the University of Birmingham with a MEng in Civil Engineering with International Study... read more

Laura Bartkeviča

Hi! I am Laura, I live in Riga... read more

Jwalant Batavia

Hi, I am Jwalant Batavia but known as “JB” (not Justin Bieber please)... read more

Julia Bleier

Hi, my name is Julia... read more

Joanna Brzeska

My name is Joanna Brzeska. I'm a student of psychology at Jagiellonian University in Cracow... read more

Silvia Carrera Macías

Hi there! I made a video - check it out!

Irene Castro Ramos

I have made collage as my presentation!

Nafeesah Chaudhry

My name is Nafeesah Chaudhry, I am 21 years old and I am an Education Major at the University of Birmingham, England. My passions include... read more

Agate Cipule

Hello, everybody! My name is Agate Cipule. I am 20 years old. I’m from Latvia. I am a student in Riga
Teacher Training and Education Management Academy (RPIVA)... read more

Linda Dambe

Hi! My name is Linda! I enjoy being a part of society  as a RPIVA student and... read more

Daniel García Pascual

Hi! My name is Daniel. Let's start the QUIZ!

Jan Giza

My name is Jan and I am... read more

Chris Greunke

Hi, I live in Bernau. It’s a city near Berlin... read more

Kamil Grzyb

Hello! I am studying Russian philology at Jagiellonian University in Cracow. I am really fascinated by... read more

Xun Guo

Hello there :D I’m Max (Xun Guo), a MSc student from the University of Birmingham... read more

Shanna Hermann

Besides my family and friends, simply life made me who I am, so I thought I just tell you some parts of my story...

Antonio Jesús Jaramillo Mesa

Hi! I have done a short presentation about myself- check it out!

Antra Linarte

My name is Antra Linarte and I come from Latvia, from the most beautiful country in the world, where its forests are my home and the sandy beaches my soul... read more

Laima Madzule

Hello! My name is Laima Joyful, I am coming from Latvia. I am working in family support center against children abuse... read more

Alexis Papadopoulos

Hello! My name is Alexis Papadopoulos, I live in Birmingham, UK. I am 25 years old... read more


Adina Popescu

Hello everyone! My name is Adina and I was born in the beautiful seaside city of Constanta, Romania, 21 years ago. I am currently studying Chemical Engineering at the University of Birmingham and genuinely enjoy maths and physics... read more

Bhargava Prasad

Hi, I am Bhargava Prasad/Bar, student of University of Birmingham, UK. I have put down my own introduction in the least boring way possible :)

José Quirós Casas

Hi! I made a video! Check it out!

William Robson

My name is William and I know the key to success at our summer school... Find it here

Sebastian Schnerr

Dear Ladies and Gentleman, I am a 25 years old student of Business Management at the University of Applied Management in Erding... read more

Nils Schultze

Hi, my name is Nils. I’m 23 years old and I live in Berlin!
Since I am not known for being a great writer, I prepared some pictures for you... Click here

Maja Sikora

Hello, I'm a 21 years old polish girl, I was born in Kraków and that's where I study at Jagiellonian University. Since I'm not very good in describing myself with words I prepared a little collage for you. See you soon! 

Bettina Simon

Hi! My name is Bettina Simon, I am from Munich... read more

Adrianna Smurzyńska

Hi, my name is Ada, I am from Poland... want to know me more?

Hanna Suwała

Who I am? Check it here!

Elena Tangocci

That’s me: Elena Tangocci... read more

Yaru Yang

My name is jaru, I am from University of Birmingham and... read more

Ivars Aleksandrs Zelinskis

My name is Alexander Zelinsky. I am proud to be 28 year old 3rd year student of RPIVA's BSc program Entrepreneurship and... read more

Marta Zvaigznite

Hi everyone! My name is Marta and I'm 19 years old. Currently I am a student in Riga Teacher Training and Education Management Academy (RPIVA) in Latvia... read more